About madayne


Ahab + Jessica Alhindi

Ahab and Jessica opened Madayne in March of 2013, and it quickly became one of Redding's premiere cafe's. Birthed through the idea of serving an exceptional product through legendary people Madayne grew in popularity over night. These two innovators decided to dream up their ideal cafe and make it a reality.  After 6 months of working 60+ hours a week, Ahab and Jessica began to ask God for the purpose of their lives and what they heard changed everything. Ahab who is an international conference speaker and author heard that he was born to raise up and develop leaders. Which birthed Madayn LDP (leadership development program). This program works with their young team to develop them personally, and in leadership.


Walter Harden

Walter and Ahab have been friends for years, originally meeting while Ahab was leading a trip to Cuba. These two have traveled around the world together and have a great connection and bond. Walter for years has had a love affair with coffee, going out of his was to find some of the best roasts in the country. He has attached himself to Catalyst Coffee Consulting, and has been trained by one of the most respected men in the coffee industry.  Walter can be found Monday - Friday making drinks at Madayne Eatery and Espresso.


who we are

With over 20 years in coffee, roasting, sourcing and the like, Madayne opens its doors less as the new kid on the block and more with a professional, and developed understanding of Coffee and the delicate process of gather beans from around the world, to bring you the flavor profile you desire.  Madayne is constantly looking for the unique story and the relational connection. We decided years ago, that as business people we don't have to work with everyone, just people that we like. This keeps the Madayne culture in our shop and around the world, relational, enjoyable and exciting.


 Walter Harden at Catalyst Coffee Consulting

Walter Harden at Catalyst Coffee Consulting

Catalyst Coffee Consulting

Michael and Emily are dear friends of Ahab and Jessica and have become like family in their relationship. Michael McIntyre has spent nearly a decade serving, roasting, and sourcing coffee around the country, from Kansas City to Portland, Oregon. A licensed Q Grader, SCAA Lead Instructor, and passionate learner, he is also relentlessly romanced by coffee and the community it facilitates. For almost two years Emily has worked with boutique beverage marketing firm The LAB in many capacities and has organized Caffeine Crawl

events throughout the United States. She produces multiple coffee-centric blogs, executes several social media accounts, and provides other marketing services from direct mail to ad campaign copy for coffee companies all over the country. On the journalism side, she writes regularly for Fresh Cup, Barista Magazine, and other beverage trades, as well as for consumer pubs like USAToday.com, Eater.comand Orange County Register.Write here...